Stone Care / FAQ

How do I get a quotation?

By providing a rough sketch/measuremnt of your project, and having selected a stone of choice, we will be more than happy to provide a quote. Clients can feel free to walk in, phone, email or fax, in order to recieve their quotation.

Which areas do you provide your service?

We provide granite countertops in Toronto, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Vaughn, Aurora, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Whitby, Oshawa and other surrounding areas. Wherever your granite countertop needs are, Sinco Granite has got you covered!

What is the life expectancy of granite countertops?

Once they are installed, they are basically there forever. Your granite countertops will outlast anything else in your house as long as you dont smash it with a hammer! They require minimal maintenance and are heat / scratch resistance! the only. All our slabs are first grade materials, whatever shine you get from day one, will be there for many years!

How do I best maintain granite countertops?

Keep it clean from everyday spills. We ask not to leave spilled liquids on for a long period of time as natural stone is porous and will eventually stain. But no one is perfect and accidents happen! In order to prevent this from happening we ask our clients to seal their counters every year in order to have a peace of mind. All it takes is a rag and 10 minutes of your busy schedule!

How do I clean my countertops?

Simple soap and water is all that is needed. No fancy cleaners are necessary.

Can granite countertops be repaired?

Yes, but to an extent. Chips , nicks and joints can be repaired without a problem. Unfortunately in the odd case the stone is cracked, you can never return it to its original state.

A few more questions?

Clients can feel free to contact Sinco Granite during our business hours and we will be more than happy to assist them.